Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Total Women's Cycling Reviews the Kadley

From Total Women's Cycling: "What sets this jersey apart from others is the fabric. Danny Shane use a unique material comprised of 50 per cent bamboo charcoal white ash (or Bamboo White Ash), and 50 per cent polyester. That is correct – there is panda food in this jersey.

The bamboo charcoal is made by literally burning the wood in a very hot oven – and it has excellent absorption properties. When woven into the fabric, these wicking and odour capturing functions can’t be lost through regular washing, as is often the case with traditionally used chemical rinses, and the method ensures that the colour stays bright too.

The fabric is designed to be highly breathable, with thermal regulating benefits – which is something we’re grateful for in autumn. On top of all that, it really is very soft to the touch.

Pulling on the Kadley the soft, light texture of the fabric is apparent and makes if feel like a luxury garment with a natural stretch."

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