Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Crash + Bamboo White Ash = No Rash!

We're always pleased to hear from our customers.  Everyone has individual reasons for loving DannyShane gear. Jon, our customer below, loves it for several reasons-one being crash and rash resistance!

I'm going to place an order but wanted to let you know that both my son and I have found your gear to be of impeccable quality, classic design (style works over time), and surprisingly durable. Colt's a college student, on a budget and a 'live simply' devotee; in other words he has a limited budget and wardrobe. He has worn the Danny polo A LOT including during a recent trip to Europe. I wear mine to work at Boise State and when I ride. A local bike shop employee stopped by our table at Chipotle the other day to ask where I got the shirt. My enthusiastic response prompted my wife to say afterwards, “You should tell those guys what your think of their product…and probably be their rep”. Not sure about the rep idea. I'd be interested to discuss how I can help, but I wanted to at least write this note.

Here's an example: Yesterday morning I was with my buddy doing one of our favorite mountain bike loops when I misjudged a sandy downhill turn and went over the bars, fortunately able to tuck and land on my right shoulder. My Danny Shane polo took the brunt of the impact and ensuing downhill slide to a stop in sandy/gravel. I should have taken a photo of it, but both my wife and I thought for sure we'd see a hole in it once the dirt got washed out. Unbelievably, it doesn't even have abrasion marks. I'm 59 and have hit the deck often enough to have ruined plenty of jerseys (and had a shoulder repair surgery), so when I say it is unbelievable that the polo isn't damaged it comes with some data points to back it up. Great gear!

I'll get my order in for Colter, and we both send our thanks. (By the way, he's a Material Science Engineering senior at the University of Utah so he's very impressed with the white ash fabric from a science point of view as well).

Warm regards,
Jon G.

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