Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reader Response to "Heart of DannyShane"

We were thrilled to receive this response to our recent profile of DannyShane founder, Shane Hunt.

I enjoyed reading the first article of The Heart of Danny Shane. It was spot on about my reaction to the first time I saw a DS kit - retro but not, classy, timeless, unique, stylish, tasteful, bold but subtle, colorful but subdued. I recently saw a DS jersey on a cycling gear website and it struck me as so attractive that I decided I had to finally hunt down a kit. I eventually went to your website and found exactly what I wanted - the Blue Performance jersey and matching bibs. I splurged and bought two full kits because I knew I'd be wearing them often!

I wore my kit for the first time 2 weeks ago on our weekend ride with about 25 riders, we've been riding together for about 14 years. Needless to say Shane's observation of cycling clothing was quite accurate - the group's clothes ranged from a local bike shop's full kit replete with a dozen brands plastered all over (though it's fairly nice looking) to at least one rider whose ensemble (I use that term loosely!) was a mishmash of brands and colors that was striking in its harlequinesqe look.

I felt as if I was wearing black tie and tails to a Halloween costume party! In spite of differences in fashion tastes, everyone in the group is really nice and always willing to help out if you get into a spot of bother.

Not to belabor you with a long story, I'll share two reactions with you. As I got out of my car to get my bike ready, the woman in the car next to me stepped out of her car and when she turned to me to say hi, she let out this expressive "WOW" , then "I really love your kit, it's awesome!" Of course I had to tell her all about it - the brand, the plaid design background and a bit about the fabric. I think I may have made a convert out of her...

Then, after the ride I stopped at my local bike shop to have my bike serviced. As soon as I walked in the door, the owner and one of the shop guys had the same reaction - " that's a really nice looking outfit! I like that!" "Who makes it? Where'd you get it?!" "That's quality fabric I can tell just by looking at it!" As before I gave them the whole rundown on DS, the fabric, the styles, and how much I loved everything about it now that I'd finally ridden in it (though I did spend a fair amount of time admiring it in my mirror after I first got it). I was hoping the owner might decide to carry some of the DS line.....

Well that's it. I've ridden in my DS kit a couple more times and it's proven to be perfect for hot days (mid 80's) and for long stints in the saddle (4-5 hours, 60 miles). I'm ready to get another couple kits, I'm really partial to the Huntley jersey and bibs, I love to have the jersey look echoed on the bibs. I'd say about 70% of the folks who've commented have been favorable and the rest haven't quite gotten it, but that's ok. The only thing that counts is that I love wearing it, I feel unique in the group, and it makes a statement that I may not be the strongest rider in the group but darned if I'm not the best looking. I like to say (about myself): "if you can't be good, you can look good!"

Thanks again for sharing the Heart of DS, and to DS for creating a perfect cycling look.

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