Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Heart of DannyShane, Part I

As part of a new, ongoing series, we hope to feature some stories and people that speak to the spirit of the DannyShane brand. This month, we have decided to kick off this project with our own founder and CEO, Shane Hunt. We would absolutely welcome your stories of unique adventures on the bike.

Tell us how DannyShane got started.
Shane Hunt: Cycling is a beautiful sport with beautiful hardware. I understood that mindset as a cyclist myself but everyone was wearing the same stuff, either Nascar-looking or boring gear. The gear didn’t connect with the beautiful, performance bikes I saw. I wanted sophisticated and style-forward gear. I thought to myself “I have the design skillset. I am the target customer. I love the mental and physical benefits of cycling.” So, I made a few designs. Others liked them. I saw interest. Mark Killeen, now CEO of Full-Turn Direct, told me to use these new fabrics he was starting to see. He told me he loved the design strategy but that there was no sustainable natural fiber in the cycling world. I started to work with embedded bamboo charcoal. These are fibers used in golf clothing. Golf clothing uses the latest technology, is lightweight, and offers incredible performance. Bamboo allows the fabric to breathe like cotton, rapidly wick moisture, provides ultra- soft comfort, and is anti-static along with being sustainable. These performance characteristics are in the weave and never wash out. So, I had it right there... a 1-2 punch, an innovative fabric and bold, innovative sets of designs; DannyShane was born. That was 2009.

Your designs are unique and distinctive. Where do you find inspiration?
Shane Hunt: I don’t have a design degree. I am not a Manhattan-based designer, but I knew I wanted to create enduring, classic styles to last long beyond fads... not loud, modern abstract, or replicated retros. The core culture of the DannyShane brand is "Modern Classic," futuristic, beautiful, classic, enduring with a little edge. There are elements of danger, beauty, and spirituality in cycling. As I've traveled to 11 countries in the last 24 months, I've kept my eyes wide open for designs that represent those elements and bring that spirit to the fore.

A lot of people connect with DannyShane styles, though the brand is certainly not for everyone. What I like is that people can’t be indifferent to DannyShane. Some people love it, can’t get enough of it, and it is part of their lifestyle. Others say, “I can’t wear that. It’s cool, but not for me.” You can’t be everything to everyone. And, our group of devotees is growing because our designs are truly unique. Take our plaid designs, for example. Plaid has been around for centuries. It is not a look that will come and go, but our take on it is really distinct... and different from what you'd expect to see on the back of a cyclist.

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